Racewar GT vs OSR

New Racewar Videos of OSR !!! smiling thx to Videomaker*

[GT] vs [OSR]

[2F2F] vs [OSR]

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written by haubi - 21.08.2014 - 03:18

 Wave Race I Mario Kart Server v1.0 Online

Wave Race I Mario Kart Server is Online!

Hello everybody!

i am finally done with our new gamemode :happy
i was working on a new gamemode because i was a little bit bored
wit professional racing, so i made a FUN Racing Mode!
This server is inspired by the Classic Nintendo Games (Wave Race and Mario Kart)
that mean i tried to copy the games into sa:mp smiling and i think there
has been a new awesome unique Gamemode borncrazy

I hope you guys will love this server!
i have spent spend a lot of Time for it so enjoy! smiling

I want to put this server into Hosted list soon! wink

here is a preview video that i made few days ago!

NOTE: ENJOY the Server to see all Features wink
and this mode is in Version 1.0 so more features coming! wink

Server Commands:
KEY_Y -> Back to last Checkpoint",
/audiomsg -> turn on/off Stream Messages",
/credits -> watch Server Credits",
/info -> watch Server Info",
/score -> watch Score System",
/stats -> watch Statistics",

Have a lot of FUN and i will see you on the server!


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written by McPott - 24.07.2014 - 18:48
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 New San Fierro Wars/ Party Server

Hello all,

i present Today our Second OSR Server smiling

1st: i dont want texting here so much, i try to keep it shortly smiling)

2nd:YAAAAYYYY its Summertime... finally ;D i was
last times a little bit bored with Racing and made
a new Gamemode... its maybe not a Great Server but u
can have a lot of Fun there, thats why i named the
Server/Gamemode Name "PARTY SERVER/ New San Fierro Wars" ! ;D
this Gamemode has atm without objects 9k lines! smiling (work time 3-4 months)
i copy a few functions from Old School Races, so that means
this Server has a Racing Mode included, yes! This Server
is a TEAM DM Server with a lot of other Modes.
i think i puttet first all IMPORTENT thinks into to Server
so we can Play here and can have some FUN smiling)

...and please NOTE: this Gamemode is atm in Version 1.0 amused
so there will comming soon more functions+ Specials wink
aaaand the Server is in few days in Hostedlist!
(to get fast some new players on Server xD)

Server IP:


.oO Server Functions/Specials Oo.
Enjoy the New SAN FIERRO in a new Design wink
u never seen San Fierro like this!

- Account System
- Admin System
- Payday System
- Statistics System
- Anti Teamkill
- Drop Weapon System
- Bots System (Party Van, Bus, Airplanes)
- Race System with Highscore System
- Derby System (Destruction Derby)
- Stunt System
- Deathmatch System
- Boxing System
- Skydiving

.oO Main Player commands Oo.
-/cmds -> Show Server Commands
-/help -> Show Server Commands
-/info -> Show Server Commands
-/commands -> Show Server Commands
-/kill -> Kill Yourselve
-/ss -> Stop Player Sound
-/lock -> Lock your Vehicle
-/unlock -> Unlock your Vehicle
-/top5 -> Show Top Highscorelist of current Track
-/skydive -> Teleport to skydive
-/skydive2 -> Teleport to skydive2
-/skydive3 -> Teleport to skydive3
-/radio -> Open Party Server Radio Station
-/stats -> Show your Account Stats
-/minigames -> Show the list of minigames
-/start -> Start a Race!

.oO Server Modes Oo.
-/race -> Teleport to Race Startpoint
-/derby -> Teleport to SF Derby Stadium
-/teamdm -> Teleport to Team DM Area
-/lvdm -> Teleport to LV Deathmatch
-/qderby -> Teleport to qderby Stadium
-/boxing -> Teleport to boxing Area
-/sdive -> Teleport to Skydive Area
-/kartrace -> Teleport to Kartrace Area
-/srace -> Teleport to Streetrace Area

.oO Admin cmds Oo.
-/buildmode -> Enter Buildmode
-/next -> Start next race
-/restarttrack -> restart the current track
-/kick -> Kick a Player
-/ban -> Ban a PLayer
-/goto -> goto any player
-/gethere -> gethere any player
-/hammertime -> Start Hammertime
-/pause -> Pause the Race
-/unpause -> Unpause the Race

i hope you guys will like this Server its a alternative one to our Race
Server :happy and i hope our OSR Community will be BIGGER with this new Server!

in this way...
CYA All and have FUN on OUR new Server!
and Please post your Ideas/wishes here on Forum wink
klick here: ->
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 Server is back!

Hi all,

We had some problems with our Root- Server!

we have now a new Server cuz some hardwares is
damaged on other Server, the Big problem is one
of the Hardware what is damaged is the Hard Drive!
so that mean we lost some files like (records,database etc)

i had chance to rescue all Races on our server but nothing else!
a lot of Work is gone, and yep its my bad cuz i do no any Backups! sad

We must start from Zero im so sorry unhappy
please register again your Account on Server+ Website!

OSR Team
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written by McPott - 30.04.2014 - 11:59
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