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 Server Update

Server Update!

A lot of fixes and bugfixes + some new features.
Have fun on server!

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written by haubitze - 11.12.2014 - 01:05
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 Racewar FSR vs OSR

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Credits: Thanks to [RSD]Vogue

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 War OSR vs. National Street Gangsta lost

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clanwar details

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 SunriseX Update
hey all,

there is a new SunriseX Update with some bug fixes
and new features!

- Auto Tune time at start ends now with countdown "3,2,1,Go" (Fire KEY)
- Split time Colors changed
- Win Streak limited to 30
- Win Streak only available if atleast 3 players are online
- Race Info Text changed
- In Garage Menu Button Informations changed to => Commands
- In Garage Menu Button Updated changed to => Server Rules

Bug Fixes:
- Happy Hour Radio fixed
- Groups fixed
- Most Damages from player fixed (Display fix)
- Sector Times Display at finish disabled
- back from AFK (cant enter 1st cp)
- if back from buildmode and a OS race rund cant enter 1st CP
- Next Race dont show some times
- Passenger Vehicle Tune

New Features:

- Finish Textdraw in middle of screen if player finish a race
- If Player disconnects from the Server his name will removed from "Online Ranking" list
- Start Radio at spawn its any Station choosed
- Auto AFK added (after 8 minutes put player automaticly in afk if its not racing)
- Moveable Camera at Start
- Shorter CMD for /announce = /a added

- Name Objects in race world deleted (from sonic)
- Hud Info cmd text removed
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 Partner Racewar GT vs OSR

- Date/Time: 09.11.2014 - 17uhr/5pm german time (chekk gmt zone!)
- Player min.: 5 vs 5 maybe more, if both teams accept
- Server: (FOX Racewar Script by RSD Vogue)
- Password: love

- Tracks: 15 Tracks Random from Server (because partner racewar)
- Cars: Random
- World: Clans are in own world
- Pointsystem: 1st got 10pts, 2nd 9pts...
- Pinglimit: 500
- Admins: [RSD]Vogue
- Spectators: Allowed
- Commands: After join the server, a interactive tutorial starts, for commands, helps..like cmds for last cp or repair, tune..

Credits: Thanks to [RSD]Vogue

posted on NSG forum: click

edit: GT rw canceled and NSG invited
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 GTA San Andreas Multiplayer 10 Years Anniversary

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer 10 Years Anniversary

Thanx to Rockstar for that wonderful Game and thanx to all SA:MP supporter for the client !
All know how they started the online carreer and how much fun that game bring.
Lets go for the next 10 Years.

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written by haubitze - 01.10.2014 - 03:49
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 Racewar Videos
New Racewar Videos Online !!! Thx to Doom

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 New Webiste / Server Update


Finally after alot of trouble the website is back smiling
..but the old database is lost, so all user need a new registration.

The forum is complete blank too.


- Buildmode Mousecursor bug fixed
- Antifreezebug in Countdown fixed
- Black chat color and invisible on radar fixed
- Added new Racemode (testphase coming soon)
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written by haubitze - 09.09.2014 - 13:53
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